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Emergency Eye Care

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Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care, Keene, NH 

At New England EyeWorks, we provide emergency eye care services in Keene, New Hampshire to help protect your vision and relieve any pain or discomfort. 

If you have an eye emergency, contact our office right away. While some cases may require visiting the emergency room, our optometrist is equipped to handle situations like eye infections and foreign objects in the eye. 

Common eye emergencies 

Some of the eye emergencies we can treat include: 

  • Eye infections, such as pink eye or conjunctivitis 
  • Chemical burns 
  • Foreign materials stuck in the eye 
  • Sudden vision loss or changes 
  • Flashes, floaters, or retinal detachment 
  • Eye pain or discomfort 


Steps to take during an eye emergency   

Knowing what steps to take during an eye emergency can help you protect your vision. Follow the steps below in case of an eye emergency:   

  • Immediately remove your contact lenses and do not wear them again until instructed by an eye doctor.
  • If chemicals get in your eyes, rinse them with water for 20 minutes and avoid covering the affected eye.  
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes to prevent additional damage and the spread of germs, bacteria, or infections.  
  • Use a cold compress to reduce swelling after an eye injury. Gently apply it to your eyes to avoid irritation.  
  • Don’t drive if you have an eye emergency or vision issues. 

Your emergency eye exam in Keene, NH 

When you come in for emergency eye care, our eye doctor will perform an eye exam to identify the cause of your symptoms. Based on our findings, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan to address your needs. This may include medication, eye drops, or other interventions to ease your symptoms and promote healing. 

Don’t wait when it comes to an eye emergency! Quick action can make all the difference in preventing vision loss. If you have an eye emergency, contact us immediately for an emergency eye examination.