Our Guarantee

​​​​​​​EyeWorks has been thoughtfully caring for generations of patients since 1979, and we’ve been standing by our eyewear since day one.

We pride ourselves in providing frames and materials of the highest possible quality to our patients which is why we are able to offer the following guarantee and warranty.

May Return Within 30 Days Of The Start Date For A Full Refund

  • May exchange for another lens, frame, or full pair within 60 days of the warranty start date

Original frames or lenses are required in order to return or refund.


  • Repairs and nose pad replacement within 2 years of warranty start date.
  • Covers defects such as chipped paint, broken hinges, cracked plastic, broken metal, lens coating failures, and scratches.*
  • Original frames, lenses, parts, and pieces are required for warranty replacements.
  • Replacement of frames, lenses**, and parts will be identical to the original purchase. If your original frame is discontinued by the manufacturer, EyeWorks will replace it with a comparable frame, and the patient will be responsible for any difference in price.

*Warranty coverage for some frame lines is at the discretion of the manufacturer, not EyeWorks.
**Replacement limit of 2 times.

Pair & A Spare

  • Additional pairs of glasses can be invaluable—computer glasses, sunglasses, an alternate style, a pair for recreational use, or even a simple backup pair.
  • Purchase a second complete pair of multi-vision glasses within 3 months of your original purchase of multi-vision glasses and receive a $200 benefit.
  • Purchase a second complete pair of single-vision glasses within 3 months of your original purchase of single-vision glasses and receive a $100 benefit.


At EyeWorks, we understand that children’s vision deserves special care, so we treat children to some extra benefits.

  • For children up to 18 years of age
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate or Trivex lenses for $150 (Reg. $250)
  • Add photochromic (light reactive) for sun protection for $50 (Reg. $100)